09 November 2013

The Heirs

Assalamualaikum !!

Hey everyoneeee, miss me? Wakaka ofc laa tak. Pehh lama gila aku tak hapdet blog ni lebih kurang dua bulan jugak. Last aku hapdet sebelum PMR. Sekarang dah habis PMR weehuuu! Doa-doakan lah eh aku dapat straight eheh Ameen. Haha kay. Cuti ni bukan ada buat apa sangat. Kejaa aku online jaa setiap minit setiap saat. Sumpah lifeless. Aku ni dah laa tak minat tengok tv. Bzzz.

Nak dijadikan cerita, dua hari yang lepas, aku bosan tahap gilababi. Selalu aku layan twitter, mesti ramai cakap pasal Kdrama The Heirs. Hmm kdrama? Aku pernah layan time darjah 4 dengan 5. Masa tu aku layan drama Princess Hour, My Girl, Yuhee The Witch, hm banyak lagi laah. Tapi masa darjah 6 aku dah stop. Sekarang ni pun aku malas dah nak layan taktau kenapa tapi sebab haritu aku bosan gila, maka aku pun layan.


DAN AKU DAH ADDICTEDDDDDD !!! OMGEH OMGEHHH. CERITA TU BEST SANGAAAAT OMAIGOD I NEED OXYGENNN! (peh korang taktau betapa bersemangat plus senergetiknya plus meroyannya aku tengah menaip ni haaa) Breathe in breathe out. Wehh best sangat seriously aku rasa aku dah gila ni. *scream* 

So dua hari lepas dan semalam aku layan ni jelaaa depan laptop. Aku rasa macam orang sawan senyum dah tau tak tengok benda alah ni. Sampai kejung pipi aku muahahah. Aku tak pernah addicted sehebat sedahsyat ni tau tak haiyoo. Meh meh aku taruk gambo banyak sikit.

SWEETNESS OVERLOADDD !!! Heheh. Cerita ni sedih lawak sweet annoying semua aah. Haha, standard cerita korea lah kan. Tapi memang best ah. Aku ada jugak layan lagi satu drama Marry Him If You Dare tapi drama ni jugak laa yang duk melekat dalam kepala aku siang malam. Wuuu.

Sekarang ni aku tengah stress tahap gaban sebab episod 11 lambat gilaaaa sobs sobs sumpah nak nangis. Dah laa ending episod 10 tu macam...... ERGH STRESS. Young Do yang kerek tahap gaban dan bagi aku tak hensem langsung tu peluk Eun Sang depan Kim Tan!!! Kalau orang yang layan cerita ni tahu lah kan heh tapi AAARGGHHH gila stress!!!!

Lambatnya nak tunggu minggu depan sobs sobs. Bertambah stress bila ada sorang kawan aku yang layan jugak cerita ni lagi prefer second hero (Young Do) daripada Kim Tan (1st hero). Geram tau tak eeeii. I know that Young Do is a lonely guy but however I STILL DONT LIKE HIM FULLFUCKINGSTOP.

Kalau korang nak layan tekan sini

Minggu depan, tolong lah cepat sikit!!! Huhu kbye :(

ps : Seriously aku dah gila ehek

31 August 2013

Doakan PMR saya :)

Assalamualaikum and gemonengg ! :DDD

Hey i just changed the song for this blog. The title is See You Again by Carrie Underwood. Check out the lyrics cuz yes, it is really inspiring and i am soooo addicted to this song ! :) Fyi, i just got back from maktab last saturday (not today) and got a week holiday. Only my school, because there is convention for a few days.

#np almost is never enough - ariana grande ft nathan skyes

I dont know why this year we got so many holidays. Not that I dont like it, it just that, come on when will I study? Nak PMR kot. Haih. I only can study at school okay. Too many obstacle when I was at home. So tomorrow we will go back to maktab. I feel quite 'good' as i will focus more on my study towards the coming Post Trial and real PMR. But at the same time, i feel sad because i love holiday haha yeah who the hell on earth dont love holiday. Morever, this is the last holiday before PMR, i think. Hmm.

Please, can you pray for me? For my PMR? For my success?

 I want straight As in PMR which means 8As. Maybe after that my parents will give me an iphone? Hehe. And I want to stay at MRSM Balik Pulau. Please? Oh haa dont forget to pray for all my beloved friends that will be stitting for PMR too that is my batch (thanks Niyaz for reminding me this) We really want to make our parents especially our teachers proud of us. :)

Maybe this is my last post before PMR. See ya after PMR okay ! Heheee, im actually afraid of it. PMR is within a month.  A prayer from you guys very much appreciated. Thank you! May god bless. :) Love yalls. Muah muah muaaaahh :* 

That is it from me, excuse my grammatical error cuz it is everywhere. Bye bye

Adib. PMR Last Candidate '13.

14 August 2013

my dream phone. :(

I always plan to update my blog everyday but heh you know the word, lazy? I do think that the word suits me well. I wanted to do many things but I can't. Just becoz of it. *sigh* Anw, its not just becoz of it actually LOL but I think I no longer interested to blogging anymore. Sumtimes, i feel like deleting this blog but nahh this blog contains so many things so I decided to not do so.

#np all night - icona pop

Okay so how's my preparation towards this coming trial? Haha quite bad i tell ya. I only studied for Georaphy and Sejarah and I have only 4 days. 4 days ! Haha stupid me. LOL. So i decided to go to library starts today weee haha. Im  pretty sure it will be damn bored but I think the only way for me to focus on my study is to keep my distance from wifi. I know I need to do a lot of sacrifices. Hmm.

Okay not planning to talk any further about that. You know since the iPhone 5 launched end of last year, I really want it so freaking serious. I would kill for it, no lies. Omg this is the most adorable things on earth!  Lol, the white one!

 But i dont save my pocket money to buy that. Because at first i think if i get straight A's in Pmr, I can ask iPhone 5 from my parents. So all I have to do just that struggle to get 8A's. But I was totally wrong! Ibu is planning to go for umrah at the end of this year, and guess what? She is saving money for that ! And I didnt tell my parents yet about my wish and it is all too late !

Lol diid you know how frustrated I am? I feel like crying. Please guys, pray for me. I really want this phone. I really really really want it. Hmm

Kbye. Please excuse my grammar mistakes, its everywhere.